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Freemont Lab & Industry SRL (Cambodia) Co. Ltd is a Cambodian company with headquarters  and factories located in Phnom Penh, specialized in the production of casual clothing and technical and amateur sportswear for the practice of numerous outdoor and indoor activities for numerous brands international, such as Asics, Joma, Givova, Legea, Gems, DM Sport, Usa Sport Group, Sandugo and many other smaller brands around the world. 
The company is able to satisfy any request regarding the production of competition and training shirts, competition and training shorts, representative and training  tracksuits, sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers, rain jackets, padded and down jackets and  numerous accessories, such as bags, backpacks, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, bathrobes, towels and more, for different types of sports such as football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, running, tennis, paddle and so on.
The main characteristics and qualities that have determined the constant success of the company are:  
- the top quality of the fabrics used, in terms of elasticity, softness, breathability and color resistance to washing; 
- the excellent quality of the prints and embroideries made on the garments produced;
- the very fussy choice of accessories used on the garments (labels, buttons, zippers, etc.);
- the extreme punctuality of the agreed shipping times;
- the great competitiveness of the FOB prices offered which, together with the absence of  import duties in Europe on several items (in Great Britain complete absence of duty on all items) "Made in Cambodia", allow the achievement of a high-quality ratio / price of the various products, almost unique in the world panorama. 
For the conception and creation of new garments, a collaboration relation ship was signed  with an Italian style and design company specialized in the search for innovative fabrics and in the creation of updated and captivating styles increasingly requested also by the sports world, so, if required, there is also the possibility of creating new models, new articles and samples of any sports garment to wear, from head to toe.
Finally, the company, with its own laboratory in China, is able to produce customized items in a very short time.
On the company's WEB page (, in addition to some photos of  our production lines and some very specialized machinery, you will find few epresentative photos of the type of items that are normally and regularly produced in our factories. 

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